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Faith Mussa's Germany debut

Faith Mussa's Germany debut

Faith Mussa's Germany debut

Published on 3rd June

On the evening of May 31st 2019, Faith Mussa performed in Germany for the very first time for over two thousand people. The performance happened at teenager missions Treffen (TMT), a yearly Festival that takes place in Liebenzell town.

Mussa is attending the festival as part of his Germany-Austria tour where he is performing, inspiring and sharing about Malawian culture. The night performance on 31st May was Mussa’s first time on any German stage which has been one of his amazing international experiences.

Mussa treated his audiences to his hits in Chichewa which they rhythmically clapped to and cheered towards. Faith Mussa sang some covers as well , one of them, "lighthouse" which almost everyone in the audience sang along to and enjoyed very much.

Faith Mussa is on this tour as the electronic one-man-band where he uses a guitar, guitar pedal board, sample pad, Badza, etc. Faith Mussa will also perform in Backnang, Holzmaden, Salzburg, Ulm and Aidlingen.


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