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Faith Mussa halfway through Scandinavian tour

Faith Mussa halfway through Scandinavian tour

Faith Mussa halfway through Scandinavian tour

Published on 4th November

Press release, 04.11.2018

Faith Mussa has now arrived Steinkjer where he will be performing at Hilmarfestivalen, one of Norway's best-known folk music festivals, alongside artists like Bjørn Eidsvåg, Claudia Scott and Trondheim Symphonic Orchestra. So far, the Scandinavian Tour has been a major success, with packed venues and eager audiences.

"I never doubted that the tour would go well, but I am amazed by how well the different audiences have responded and received Mussa's music! Every venue has been filled with dancing, singing and joy, in contrast to the rather cold weather outside!" – Karstein Grønnesby, Label Manager of Ujeni Records

After his participation at the IACC in Denmark, Faith travelled to Norway by boat for Bergen International Music Festival. There he was reviewed by the renowned music critic Einar Engelstad, who rated Mussa's concert 5/6 stating: "He played everything from soul ballads to catchy highlife; music that would have worked well in both rock clubs in the city and at culture centres in the villages. That Faith Mussa is an experienced artist is easy to see, as he had no problems engaging the crowd in both singalong and vehement dancing." – Einar Engelstad, Music Critic in Bergens Tidende

After Bergen, Faith Mussa travelled to Oslo by train over the mountains, where he was featured in a 35-minute in-depth interview on Radio Nova. There he talked about his music, his music career and challenges regarding corruption and freedom of speech. From there he travelled to Trondheim to perform at Antikvariatet, where he was joined by the cellist Sunniva Shaw on a couple of songs. The venue in Trondheim was also packed to the brim, with people singing and dancing along with Faith Mussa all through the night.

Faith Mussa will have two performances at Hilmarfestivalen, the 8. November and 10. November. In between those performances, he will travel to Oslo to present the Takula project, together with senior radio producer Sigbjørn Nedland and musician and producer Georg Buljo, at this year's Folkelarm, the leading folk and world music industry convention in Scandinavia. Their seminar is titled: "Malawi Music - Inspiring a musical renaissance?" (more info here). The Scandinavian Tour is now halfway, remaining with the above-mentioned performances at Hilmarfestivalen in Steinkjer, with Folkelarm in Oslo in between, and then back in Oslo for the panel discussion and concert at The Human Rights House together with a panel of Malawi experts. Finishing the tour, is the concert at Kafé Hærverk together with Malawian DJ and producer Drew Moyo on the 14. November. Cellist Sunniva Shaw will again join Faith Mussa on some songs for the last gig.

"I have seen how people here have embraced Malawian music, and how excited people are seeing how I use my music as an instrument for social change. My music has made significant strides because it represents my Malawian heritage, and not some dull reproduction. It's been hectic, but very exciting!" – Faith Mussa


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