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Faith Mussa on social justice, human rights and HiiL perfomance.

Faith Mussa on social justice, human rights and HiiL perfomance.

Faith Mussa on social justice, human rights and HiiL perfomance.

Published on 14th January

In 2014 Faith Mussa joined many Malawian musicians who speak up against social injustice that happens in Malawi as well as around the globe.Since then, Faith Mussa has been directly involved in activities to end Gender based violence, Human rights violation against children, child marriages and corruption.

Mussa's recent music has Included songs that points out wrongs that are happening in our societies. some of these songs are "don't run away" that urges Malawians to speak up/fight against any kind of corruption happening in the country and "anawa" that encourages guardians to let their children go further with education, not to marry them off. Most recently, Mussa joined World vision as an ambassador in a campaign against child Marriages called it takes Malawi to end child marriage.

Faith mussa is now using his Performing skills to share a message about social justice and human rights. Being a multi-intumentalist, he created an electronic one-man-band, the first and only one in Malawi, where he plays guitar, drum/sample pad, badza, chisekese(shakers),vocals and keyboard by himself.Ever since, he has performed in so many stages including International Anti-corruption conference in Denmark, on BBC focus on Africa as well as Glastonbury festival.

Mussa has been invited to perform at the 9th annual innovative Justice forum in Hague, Netherlands from 5th-6th February, 2019 in Hague, Netherlands, where he will be joined by other activist. This events is organized by HiiL (The Hague institute for Innovation of Law) whose mission is to ensure that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems.

Faith Mussa has vowed to speak against social injustice and any kind of human rights violations.


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